Privacy Policy

Information in compliance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 13 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679

In accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (hereinafter “Privacy Code”) and art. 13 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (hereinafter “GDPR 2016/679”), CryptoNet Labs srl (hereinafter “CryptoNet Labs”) hereby informs users of the websites owned or managed by it, hosted on the following domains and their subdomains

In relation to the processing of their personal data carried out during their interaction with these sites. CryptoNet Labs points out that this policy does not apply to online resources and third party sites to which its websites are linked and whose content and privacy protection procedures are not under its control; therefore, it recommends that users who decide to access these sites consult their respective policies.

Information provided to users:
1) Owner of the treatment:

  • CryptoNet Labs srl with registered offices in Via Stefanardo da Vimercate 28, Milan.

2) Data subject to processing:

  • common personal data, possibly provided by the user when interacting with the functionality of the sites
  • data belonging to particular categories within the meaning of Article 9 of the Regulation (e.g. sensitive data), provided voluntarily by the user
  • data collected automatically in relation to the user’s interaction with the sites (cookies, see the relevant information note)

CryptoNet Labs sites are intended for adults in the context of a professional relationship; therefore CryptoNet Labs does not voluntarily collect identification data of minors. CryptoNet Labs does not accept responsibility for any false statements or contact requests received from users who do not comply with these limitations. In the event that CryptoNet Labs becomes aware of the existence of untrue statements or after contacts detect non-compliance with these limitations, it will be your responsibility to proceed to the immediate deletion of any personal data acquired.

3) Purpose of treatments/processing

  • common personal data: registration to any reserved areas of the sites; commercial information, as a response to requests via contact forms or sending e-mail messages to the addresses indicated on the sites; evaluation of applications for a job if contained in the curriculum vitae; use of products/services (services, software, platforms); invoicing of paid services provided through the sites; commercial negotiation.
  • data belonging to particular categories: personnel selection process
  • automatically collected data relating to your interaction with the sites: improving your browsing experience (more details in the cookie statement)

4) Obligation to provide and consequences of refusal

  • Common personal data: most of the pages of the sites referred to in this statement are accessible to the visitor without the need for registration.
    For a limited number of sections and services, however, it may be necessary for the user to complete a registration procedure that involves filling in fields with their personal data and any billing information. Failure to provide the required data in the mandatory fields does not allow access to the reserved area or use of the service requested by the user, whatever it may be (for example: consult or receive information, participate in a staff selection campaign, use of a platform).
  • Data belonging to particular categories: CryptoNet Labs never requires that data belonging to particular categories be provided either for the use of services or during a staff selection process. The provision of this data derives solely from the user’s assessment to bring them to the attention of the company, considering that their indication is essential for an assessment of their requests (e.g. establishment of a working relationship). Since the provision of this data is not required by CryptoNet Labs for the use of the services, the company will only process it with the express permission of the user and does not provide for any consequences in case of refusal.
  • Automatically collected data relating to the user’s interaction with the sites: the user is given the right not to provide such data, as better specified in the cookie policy.

5) Communication and diffusion of data

  • common personal data: will be communicated to the functions of CryptoNet Labs responsible for providing the services requested (commercial information, staff selection, customer management, technical support).
    In the event of requests of a technical or commercial nature relating to particular types of products or services, and in response to requests from users, the data may be communicated to the CryptoNet Labs’ partner companies which are listed in the appropriate section of the website.
    In the case of use of paid services that require billing, the data will be communicated to any intermediaries who support CryptoNet Labs and the user in the electronic billing procedure.
  • data belonging to particular categories: will be communicated to the functions of CryptoNet Labs responsible for personnel selection
  • data collected automatically in relation to the user’s interaction with the sites: please refer to the informative cookie.

In any of these cases, the data will not be disclosed in any way.

6) Period of retention of personal data
CryptoNet Labs retains the personal data of its users for the period of time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. In particular, unless the right of revocation of consent/opposition and in the event that there are no rules or laws that require a retention of data longer than the specified time:

  • use of products (services, software, and platforms): for the period strictly necessary for the provision of the service/product and for a further five (5) years from the end, interruption of the service/product, without prejudice to the right to revoke consent and to oblivion. The objective is to allow an optimal use of the requested services and to allow users an easy re-access to the services, without loss of the history of the activities
  • use of information services and for commercial purposes: from the moment of consent up to five (5) years, without prejudice to the right to revoke consent and to oblivion. The aim is to keep users informed about new products (services, software, platforms) or products that are complementary to those already in use, as well as to maintain a history of communications between CryptoNet Labs and the user for better customisation of the service or proposal
  • invoicing of any paid services: for the entire duration of the contract and for a further 10 years in compliance with legal obligations
  • for staff selection: for the next two (2) years after receipt of the curriculum vitae

Once those terms have expired, CryptoNet Labs will delete the personal data collected and/or
their transformation into anonymous form.

7) Place of storage of personal data, transfer Extra-EU
Personal data is stored by CryptoNet Labs on its servers, hosted at… .
The data is not and will not be transferred to organisations based outside the EU.

8) User rights
AUsers who have given their data to CryptoNet Labs are entitled to the rights under Art. 7 (opt-out), 15 (access to personal data), 16 (rectification and integration), 17 (cancellation for specific reasons), 18 (limitation of processing for specific reasons), 21 (refusal of commercial communications).
Users can exercise their rights by sending an email to privacy@cryptonetlabs.it.

Changes to the privacy policy
CryptoNet Labs s.r.l. reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by informing users on this page. Consequently, users are invited to consult this page regularly, referring to the date of the last change indicated below.
If the changes involve processing whose legal basis is consent, where necessary CryptoNet Labs s.r.l. will request the user’s consent again.

Date last modified: 31/01/2019