An X-ray of the Company's IT Security to identify possible risks.

Quick IT & OT/SCADA Security Assessment

What is it about?
The Quick Security Assessment is a voluntary assessment, i.e. not required by law that allows companies to measure their security levels rapidly. It can be used as an internal audit, in companies that adhere to standards that require periodic execution.

Its applicability ranges from corporate information systems to industrial control systems (SCADA/ICS).

Evaluating the security of company information systems or industrial control systems from an organisational and technological point of view is essential to correct and minimise exposure to information technology risks, such as unauthorized access, data breaches or fraud.

It is a non-invasive activity, carried out through interviews, documental consultation and technological checks. All the surveys aim to verify and deepen the use of best practices and countermeasures indicated by international standards such as NIST 800-53, ISO 27002 or, in the SCADA/ICS field, NIST 800-82.

The activity can be supplemented by a focus on the security measures required by particular regulations, whether public or internal to the company.

At the end of the activity, an executive level report is released, supported by infographics, and a roadmap for improvement in the medium term.

Who can benefit from it
Any company that wants to optimize the security of its information system or that needs audits required by internal policies and standards. Non-invasive analysis and reporting.