Less vulnerable applications, safer code, directly at source.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

What is it about?
Information security is considered an integral and constitutive part of software development. It is used to address the problem directly at source and counteract architectural or implementation vulnerabilities (bugs), often unwittingly introduced into an application or system during its development.

Evolution then leads to increasingly frequent releases with innovative methods (e.g. Agile) and pushed automation (DevOps technologies); rapidly evolving contexts, in which it is essential to introduce constantly updated security measures.

CryptoNet Labs offers interventions and technology consulting to help its customers in the development of secure software (Secure Software Development Lifecycle: SSDL; DevSecOps).

Our specialists intervene to define which methods and tools to introduce at each stage of the development cycle: a gradual approach and developers’ capacity to accept the innovations are key elements for the final result.

CryptoNet Labs supports the customer in defining application security requirements, attack surface analysis, and threat modelling during the design phase, in the execution of Static Analysis during the implementation phase (SAST), continuing with dynamic security tests (DAST) and with the indication of hardening measures before the passage into production.

A flexible approach derived from our many years of experience and knowledge of the dynamics of development teams, as well as the use of reference methodologies (OWASP SAMM, BSIMM and PASTA) makes our interventions effective.

Who can benefit from it
Developing companies and software houses that want to outshine their competitors.
In addition to ensuring compliance with various standards or regulations (e.g. ISO17001, PCI DSS, PSD2, GDPR, etc.), the development of secure software allows you to release more robust applications and optimise costs.