CryptoNet Labs Partnerships: Zscaler, Rapid7, SentinelOne & much more


To provide its customers with the latest products and solutions in a complex and rugged environment such as IT Security, CryptoNet Labs has partnered with global industry leaders.


Visibility, automation, analysis and representation capabilities to identify, monitor, investigate and resolve vulnerabilities and threats that put an organisation at risk.


In order to transform Internet into your own company network, with fast and secure connections between users and applications, regardless of your global position and the devices being used.


All-in-one endpoint protection against known and unknown attacks, which identifies, blocks and limits malicious behaviour in seconds.


SaaS platform and integrated components to introduce security into the whole software development cycle, with the aim to guarantee security of the applications supplied.


Achieve Network Visibility, Asset Inventory and Cyber Security in ICS and SCADA networks, in real time, with the detection of anomalies and threats specific to the industrial world.


Web Application Firewall to protect against application attacks and DDoS, optimising and accelerating web traffic, through a fully cloud-based technology.


Deep-packet inspection solutions that monitor network activity and its users, on physical and virtual networks, without the need of specific hardware.

CryptoNet Labs - Mobile App Driller

Vulnerability Management of mobile applications, in Android and/or iOS. The platform in SaaS environment can carry out security checks according to international standards using different analytical methods: static, dynamic and network.


Platform for collaboration, sharing and secure synchronisation of sensitive documents, guaranteeing complete privacy for the user and total control of the data.


Cloud-based solution for real-time acquisition of logs with secure transmission and storage, in accordance with national regulations and reference standards.