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Anti Fraud Services, your professionals for consulting and security

What is it about?
The phenomenon of computer fraud now affects almost every industry sector and can cause economic and image damage, sizeable legal problems, loss of trust on the part of customers and therefore loss of standing in the market.

The banking-financial sector is highly affected, with particular reference to digital services (home banking, payments, e-wallet, etc.) controlled by regulations that require measures for the prevention and management of fraud, supported by appropriate security systems.

All these measures constitute the anti-fraud system; whether it is dedicated to a particular service or includes all the services provided by a specific banking and/or financial reality, it must always be efficient and effective.

To this end, anti-fraud systems can be analysed according to the same audit logics that apply to the company’s information system, with the aim of monitoring the operating and organisational methods with which they are managed, as well as optimising their effectiveness.

Based on the functionality and features of a given anti-fraud system, CryptoNet Labs’ specialists interact with the staff involved, examine the documentation and other available evidence, and focus on critical issues and useful indications for overall improvement.

Who can benefit from it
Banking or financial organisations. To optimise the anti-fraud system and reduce the risk of all kinds of losses.