Your company and processing of personal data.

GDPR Compliance Services

What is it about?
The EU Regulation 2016/679, known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), came into force on 25 May 2018. It standardised the legislation on data relating to all European citizens, whether they are processed within or outside the EU.

Data controllers and those responsible must implement technical and organisational measures to ensure that data security is adequate to the risk of the processing they carry out; the risks involved must be assessed not only in relation to the consequences to which the data controller may be subject but also and above all to the individual to whom the data relates.

Support for adaptation to GDPR
CryptoNet Labs offers companies a modular offer that covers both formal, bureaucratic and technological requirements:

  • inventory of personal data, of the instruments used and the organisations involved;
  • description of flows;
  • execution of Data Privacy Impact Assessment;
  • revision and updating of processes, procedures or forms;
  • definition of security measures to be implemented or improved and support in their adoption;
  • staff training.

The variety of activities offered by CryptoNet Labs means that companies can either use them to solve all their adjustment related problems or get support only in specific areas.

Depending on the customer’s characteristics, CryptoNet Labs can provide support in evaluating, integrating and implementing with other personal data security management systems (e.g. ISO 27018 or BS 10012).

Who can benefit from it
All companies, bodies and organisations that process personal data, or data connected to individuals, of whatever nature and for whatever purpose. Modular activity from different company functions (IT, audit, legal, HR, etc.) integration with dedicated management systems.