Courses, e-learning and other interventions related to the “human factor”.

Cyber Security Training & Courses

What is it about?
In the vulnerability of any computer system, the human factor is crucial: the training of personnel who deal with “delicate” or sensitive data, as well as being required by regulations and industry standards, is essential to protection from very real risks.

The GDPR highlighted the need to train users, managers, system builders, developers or other business roles in any IT security initiative, especially when dealing with specific types of data (similar requirements are also present in ISO 27001 or PCI DSS).

CryptoNet Labs organises training courses that cover every aspect of IT Security: from the fundamentals for a wide audience, such as data management in accordance with privacy rules, to the focus on specific technical topics, clearly for programmers, such as secure coding.

CryptoNet Labs’ training courses and services are calibrated and customised to the specific needs of the customer; they can be organised in the classic classroom situation or through web conference tools.

Who can benefit from it
Any company that wants to improve the skills and awareness of its staff: not only to comply with standards and regulations but also to raise the overall level of safety.