Combine IT security expertise with business management.

IT Security Consulting Services – IT Risk Management

What is it about?
The management of information security requires specific skills and awareness, across different sectors, and these are not always present as corporate resources.

Especially in the early rollout phases of technological innovations, processes related to IT security are also more at risk: at the network, system, application, or on specific platforms (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, mobile apps on iOS or Android, SCADA or IoT).

In order to face this delicate phase of formulating and defining roles in a safe way, CryptoNet Labs supports its customers in dealing with new responsibilities, organisational and procedural aspects, assisting them in the technological choices and where appropriate providing its own qualified resource to take on, for a limited time, a task related to specific IT security projects.

In a context where the service is always “tailored” to the customers’ needs, CryptoNet Lab’ consultants can intervene in projects of short to medium duration when the responsibility, cannot be entrusted to internal resources for whatever reason: be it temporary replacements of personnel reallocated, creation or reorganisation of the structure dedicated to IT security.

CryptoNet Labs consultants have many years of experience in the field and the skills to act in business contexts, report to management, coordinate technical and operational staff.

Who can benefit from it
Companies that need support in the management of IT security, with the support of staff with specific competence and experience on the subject, with budgetary advantages (the consultant is present only for the amount of time that is necessary) and possibility of objective and detached evaluation of the organisation.