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Protection is a science, Your own custom built arsenal, A team especially for you

Mission: Your safety is our common objective

We help our clients set up a secure information system, that conforms to standards and regulations, with an ongoing approach that enables us to build long-term professional relationships.

Our offer ranges from consulting to offensive and defensive security services aimed at the constant search for innovative technologies to make our customers more competitive. We create active and passive systems for Cybersecurity: the most updated solutions, applied on measure to a heterogeneous clientele with increasingly complex needs. With over twenty years of experience, our team of experts and consultants is fully committed to proactively supporting our customers: assisting them, focusing on problems and finding the most solid solutions to ensure IT security, an essential element for the optimisation of any business.

Our offer

Consultancy, help with compliance, design of hardware and software. Protection, monitoring, defence and reaction. With the most sophisticated instruments to improve computer security and protect your business.

We cover the basics for the safety of your business. Regulations and certificates, a necessity: we’ll deal with them. And you’re ready to go.
We're here for corporate cybersecurity. Let's evaluate together what you want to achieve. We get to work, and we bring you results
Offensive Security
The sooner you know your weak points, the sooner you can protect yourself. We help you discover them. And together we find the best way to make you strong.
Defensive Security
You want to build a fortress around your business. You know how you want it; we know how to make it. If we do it together, you’ll get the best results.


Our clientele comprises large companies and SMEs in many different sectors, in Italy and the rest of the world



Certificates and qualifications obtained from both Italian and international certification companies guarantee CryptoNet Labs’ experience. In addition to attesting a high level of experience in the field, these certificates enable CryptoNet Labs to carry out tests and issue certificates of safety and compliance with various regulations, with legal value.

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To provide its customers with the latest products and solutions in a complex and rugged environment such as IT Security, CryptoNet Labs has partnered with global industry leaders

If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don't understand the problems and you don't understand the technology.

Bruce Schneier

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