Designing with maximum safety and minimising the risks.

Product and process secure develop

What is it about?
“Security by design” is a basic concept of software engineering: it defines a software designed specifically to be secure, anticipating and minimising a priori the impacts of vulnerabilities that may manifest in production.

CryptoNet Labs guides its customers in adapting the principle of “Security by Design” in their services, applications and/or products, supporting them in the design, implementation and deployment phases.

Based on the characteristics of the object or system to be developed, the experts at CryptoNet Labs:

  • carry out the assessment of cyber risks and define security requirements;
  • study the available attack surface, model the threats applicable to the assets involved (threat modelling) and look for possible criticalities (abuse case);
  • analyse vulnerabilities at architectural and implementation level;
  • identify the consequences and impacts of possible vulnerabilities in production;
  • indicate the countermeasures, both organisational-procedural and technological, to minimise the risks;
  • carry out the necessary security tests, both in black box and white box mode (for Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test and Code Review services, see the section on Offensive Security).

The ultimate goal is to raise and validate the security level of the application, service or specific product before it is released.

Who can benefit from it
Any company wishing to offer services, applications and products in optimal conditions of security, minimising the risk of potential financial damage and image, and also optimising costs.