Effective and rapid responses to data breaches.

Data Breach Investigation – Digital Forensic

What is it about?
A “data breach” is an incident involving the security of company data (whether personal, sensitive, confidential, or intellectual property). Accidentally or unlawfully breached, they may become accessible to unauthorized persons, be lost, destroyed, modified, made public or disclosed without authorization.

Any such “leak” is a delicate business, so it is necessary to be prepared and act promptly and efficiently, to avoid compounding the damage or altering elements of the investigation into the systems in question. The entry into force of the GDPR, which requires companies to make a report of every breach and be ready with emergency protocols, is causing a great deal of awareness around the subject.

CryptoNet Labs intervenes quickly with specific activities aimed at understanding: what happened, the point of entry, the possible malicious purpose and the extent of the damage in terms of systems, date involved and time duration.

Our specialists support the customer in the immediate phases following the incident, defining the interventions in the very short term and the roadmap to restore security in the short and medium term and prevent further attacks.

CryptoNet Labs also supports the customer in the “first”, i.e. by defining appropriate policies and incident response strategies, to determine resources and methods of intervention to be ready for any eventuality, respecting the requirements of the GDPR and other standards (such as PCI DSS), which place the emphasis on incident management

Who can benefit from it
Organizations and companies that have suffered, or believe they may have suffered, violations of their data assets, or that want to prevent them, and / or prevent them from occurring in the future, complying with best practices and industry regulations.