Certified security audits for the world of digital archiving and identification.

EIDAS/SPID Security Audits ISO 17025 compliant

What is it about?
The digitization and dematerialization of paper documents, in addition to the possibilities introduced, also in the legal field, by the Agency for Digital Italy, have led to the creation of companies that offer preservation services in accordance with the law, in the areas subject to eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services), and SPID (Public System of Digital Identity).

These companies, which offer a highly critical service to their customers, must apply for a license from AgID and periodically demonstrate that they maintain the required levels of adaptation.

To this end, they must have an information system for document management based on specific IT security requirements and ensure their efficiency, effectiveness and robustness over time.

TAmong the measures foreseen for the periodic evaluations of the IT system are the execution of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, both at network and application level.

The standards require that these activities be entrusted to a third party holding the qualification of “laboratory for the execution of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test based on the ISO 17025 standard”.

CryptoNet Labs is able to provide the required security tests and stands out for the accuracy and completeness of the results, the result of the experience gained over the years by its testers.

Who can benefit from it?
All companies or companies that provide regulatory preservation services, trust services subject to eIDAS or SPID services. CryptoNet Labs is a qualified provider to perform periodic security audits on systems.